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WKRC Channel 12 Atticus On Staff

WKRC News 12 CBS Cincinnati Ohio reports on School Protection Dog: Atticus

July 22, 2013

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Mark Gomer ( American Success Dog Training) :
He’s just an all-around perfect dog in my book.

Kit Andrews (WKRC-TV12 Anchor):
He’s about to break new ground by joining the staff of a Tri-State high school.
Good evening, Oak Hills has a new High School member and he’s not even one year old yet.

Oak Hills High School Greene TownshipCurtis (WKRC-TV 12):
Oak Hills is the first school in the region to get what is called a school protection dog. It’s a new class of K9 that is highly trained to sniff out drugs and weapons and goes to work at the school everyday. Local 12’s, Joe Webb joins us now from the newsroom with more on this story.


Joe Webb (WKRC-TV12):
Well Curtis, Atticus, the Dutch Shepard  is a new breed of K9. The American Success Dog Training Academy in Green Township came up with a training regiment coming out of the Sandy Hook tradegy. And you’ll see from the story  he is a lot more than a drug sniffing dog.

Joe Webb (WKRC-TV12 Reporter):
We caught up with Atticus at the Academy this morning. He was doing a little training. Within seconds he sniffed out the box with the drug filled backback. He takes that skill set to Oak Hill High School next month.

Mark Gomer speaks to Channel 12Mark Gomer (American Success Dog Training):
To have a fully trained dog on a police dog level to be part of the faculty at a school and to have that school actually own that dog – to my knowledge that’s has never been done before.



Joe Webb (WKRC-TV12 Reporter):
Atticus showed off his skills at the school for us this afternoon. He will routinely sniff cars in the parking lot and sweep every locker. He easily located the druggy backpack here, too. When he sniffs something suspicious he just sits and waits in place… all for the reward of getting to play with a tennis ball. Principal John Stoddard said he was quickly sold on the idea and thinks the students will love having a dog around at school.

John Stoddard Principal Oak Hills High SchoolJohn Stoddard (Oak Hills High School Principal):
For the kids that don’t love that it will be a pretty good deterrent to keep other things that we don’t want IN the school OUT of the school.



 Joe Webb (WKRC-TV12 Reporter):
Atticus does more than sniff out drugs and guns. In the high school auditorium, Gomer showed how the shepherd will respond to gunfire.

Mark Gomer (American Success Dog Training):
If somebody came in there with a gun in a threatening situation he’d take them out in seconds.

Atticus and his tennis ball reward Joe Webb (WKRC-TV12 Reporter):
Atticus will have a crate in the office. He will report to Oak Hills every day, but will make field trips to the district’s middle schools periodically. Building monitors will keep him on a leash as he walks the halls. At night, he will go home with the principal.


 John Stoddard ( Oak Hills High School Principal):
Basically, I’m just Atticus’s ride to work and ride home.

 Atticus is rewarded with a tennis ballJoe Webb (WKRC-TV12 Reporter):
School starts August 21st. Atticus will be on duty the first day of school. He is only 8 months old but has been in training since he was a couple of months old. He has a brother that another school district has expressed an interest in.

 Curtis (WKRC-TV 12):
What a great story.

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